Benefits you will LOVE.

EFFORTLESS: Directors are delighted that we facilitate the entire process. We provide all marketing materials, have an easy to use online registration process for parents and we have exceptional classroom management systems.

FLEXIBLE: Directors are delighted that we are able to run a quality dance and movement program in ANY SPACE. We can adapt to classrooms of all sizes, spare rooms, gyms, and more. Most importantly, our dedicated staff will clean up and return the room to the same way it was found.

POWERFUL: Directors are delighted to save time and energy for families. Parents will appreciate that you care about their child's learning and development through enrichment programs and will love how easily it fits into their family's weekly schedule.

GUARANTEED: Directors are delighted that we provide parents and students with a  14-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


Benefits your parents will LOVE.

CONVENIENT: Parents are thrilled to give their child an exciting dance experience in their childcare/school facility without compromising the family routine, time and schedule.

AFFORDABLE: Parents are thrilled to give their child an exceptional dance education that is affordable, accessible and valuable.

PROGRESSIVE: Parents are thrilled to see their child progress throughout our program with regular progress reports, awards, medals and recitals.


Benefits your students will LOVE.

CONVENIENT & FAMILIAR ENVIRONMENT: Students are overjoyed to have the opportunity for learning and developmental success in a convenient and familiar environment.

MAGICAL PROPS, STORIES, MUSIC & IMAGERY: Students are overjoyed to have a dance program that is delivered in a magical way using a variety of props, exciting stories, child approved music and many opportunities for imagination.

KIND, CARING, & SUPPORTIVE ADULT INSTRUCTORS: Students are overjoyed to have a dance instructor who truly loves small children, is committed to learning the students names, wants to connect with every child, values the progression, learning and development of each student and has chosen a career as a recreational dance instructor with purpose and intention.